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Trucking Along

Trucking Along

As time goes by we find ourselves starting our 5th year in business and it seems like things could really pick up this year, that is if I don’t make too many mistakes. Chip Peddler chips can be found with consistency in various stores in the Durango area as well as Vitamin Cottage in Grand Junction, Elevation Brewing in Poncha Springs, Ploughboy in Salida, Old Town Market ing Pagosa Springs & Moonflower in Moab. Recently however I am getting requests that will maximize the current facility, the key being able to keep production going at the rate of demand by hiring someone who can take over as kitchen manager.

At the end of January we were able to acquire a GMC Step Van to handle the product delivery, it should also work as a nice Event Vehicle. At this point I would like to thank all the people that I borrowed a vehicle from during the past 4 years for picking up potatoes, corn or going to events with, once again, THANKS.






Business Notes

The recent news of Zukes’s, maker of dog and cat snacks, by Nestle/Purina did not fully catch me by surprise and I am glad to hear they will be keeping the headquarters here in Durango.


Also Colorado Biz Magazine ran an article of the top 25 companies to watch in Colorado with SKA Brewing being one of the highlighted companies. They had also had a list of the top 250 Colorado companies with both Zuberfizz and Ricky’s Lucky Nuts listed on it.


Other notable items are projects from college friends of mine including the KickStarter launch of Liquid Salt 2.0, a digital surf magazine that Glenn Sakamoto has been putting together for the past four years and is about to give a makeover. Another project is Wilkie Brand West Wear coming from Mark Wilkinson who has started a clothing company that is proud to announce the 2014 line of what I am calling the “Western Island” collection.


Two Wheel & Outdoor News


The ski season around here was OK and we were able to go quite a few times.


The trails at Phil’s World are good to go.






I see that the company that we purchase potatoes from during the summer also has other varieties on our local shelf at City Market.




I have been getting some help in the kitchen lately which has helped out a bunch.


Blogs that I follow.

Liquid Salt: A good friend from college has been putting together one of the best surfing E-mags in the business and they are now going to launch version 2.0. See the campaign in Kickstarter.

Bikeyface: Great illustrator who’s drawings about bicyclists and what they deal with on the road, in the office and in their own minds. Always a great point of view from two wheels.

While out Riding: Cass is always riding his bike and in many cases it is in South America on the most off beaten paths possible.

The Republic of Doom: Doom always has a trip planned or is out on one. See the Southwest through his stories.

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