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The past, the moment, the future.

The past, the moment, the future.

Learning from the past, living in the moment, looking to the future.
Quite a few things happened in 2014 that are helping point us in a direction that will focus on tortilla chips for the near future.
1) – Zia Taqueria, They have been a tremendous amount of help both in orders and guidance.
2) – Ute Mountain Ute, Farm & Ranch. NON-GMO Corn supply & USDA connection.
3) – USDA, They have highlighted our use of the Ute Mountain Ute, corn in their story.
4) – White House Gathering of the Tribes Dinner, Chip Peddler chips served as part of Ute Mountain Ute offering.
Last year we were able to double our sales which led to realizing where the bottle necks and other possible problems exist. We are now addressing most of the problems, streamlining production, adding a new tortilla chip flavor to the line and all the tortilla chips will come in a second size by the end of the year.

 The Moment
Currently we have been working on setting up the kitchen for maximum tortilla chip production. Whole Foods called last year, although we have not had time to talk much, and we have been made an offer to be in their local producers program. This will mean focusing on a narrower product offering and a reduction in raw ingredients, packaging and inventory.
Yes this means potato chips will be put on hiatus for the near future.

Below you will see some extra photos taken in 2014

2,000 lbs. of Sunflower Oil




Truck carrying 2,500 lbs. of raw corn fro Ute Mountain Ute, Farm & Ranch.


Stating to set up at Elevation Brewing Company’s 2nd year party.


We made sure that Chip Peddler chips were served at Mountain Film in Telluride.


I got to meet Reza, world renowned photographer.


This is what cooking potato chips looks like..


Heading up C.R.. 203 to the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic party.


Travis and Fred from Affordable Automotive getting me back on the road after the truck broke.


Starting the day with hot cup of java from Desert Sun Coffee Roasters.


Race Results from Zia Town Series.
Extra help in the packing department.


We have been talking to Dave Sipe about making our store displays, here is some of his work.


Behind the scenes at the Backcountry Experience – Chili Cook Off.


Tele-Tubby just about to give the Huffy and roll.


Unloading in the Slickrock parking lot in Moab.


All smiles as I take a corn to La Milpa in Grand Junction.
New production facility for Bow & Arrow Brand products. Still under construction in this photo.


The Future

For the near term we will be focusing on the facility and making production run faster and smoother.

We are going to be a minor sponsor on the Zia/Ska bicycle team and I have been able to pick up a bike sponsor for specific events.

Yes, locally owned Durango Bike Company (DBC) and Chip Peddler chips are going to be teaming up for a few events this year including Sante Fe Bikes and Brews, 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. DBC will also be attending the Sea Otter Classic and all of the OuterBike events.

Event Schedule

April 18th – Durango Arts Center – Artisan Economy
May 14th – 17th – Santa Fe – Bikes & Brews, we will be setting up only on the 16th

Lady Lamb the Bee Keeper

Johan – Bike Wanderer –


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