Ingredients - The Chip Peddler | Gourmet Potato and Tortilla Chips in Durango, CO
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A chip is only as good as the ingredients that bring it together…

First on the list of priorities at Durango Snack Werks, the makers of “Chip Peddler” chips, is trying to do is keep the ingredients as close to local as possible, or try to make a direct connection with a family owned enterprise whenever we can.

There have been tradeoffs in trying to achieve the list of  desires that some customers would like us to implement which include but are not limited to: NON-GMO, Organic, Natural, Gluten Free, No MSG or Saturated Fats, Carbon Neutral, Local, Fair Trade, Solar, or even a suggestion that we print warnings on our bags telling dog owners that your pooch can suffocate from going for the last bits in the bag.

The Raw Ingredients


We could buy our corn on the open market where it might have traveled thousands of miles across the globe to get here.  However, we choose to buy ours from the Ute Mountain Ute, Farm & Ranch located in Southwestern Colorado.

Each pallet of their Non-GMO white corn that we purchase has been labeled telling us where it was grown and what variety it is.

Colorado Mills

Sunflower Oil

Our chips are then cooked in oil that comes from Colorado Mills, located in Lamar, Colorado. They use only Non-GMO high oleic sunflower seeds providing a healthy cooking oil with zero transfats.

Each batch is mechanically cold pressed to preserve the healthy antioxidants while never using any chemicals during the process.



The salt we use comes from Redmond Trading Co., where they mine Real Salt® brand sea salt from a single source in Redmond, Utah.

Millions of years ago an ancient sea covered and uncovered the area leaving a bed of unpolluted salt containing more than 60 trace minerals. Real Salt brand sea salt is unrefined and comes to you in its natural form, never bleached, kiln dried, heated or altered with chemicals, pollutants or additives.