The big idea!

Neil Hannum - The Chip Peddler

Neil Hannum – The Chip Peddler

Durango Snack Werks, home of the Chip Peddler, was started on the first day of 2010 with the simple idea that great snacks don’t have to come from large factories and made with ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

Here are some of our founding principles that we keep in mind during every decision we make:

  1. Keep the dollars as local as possible
  2. Use fair trade practices
  3. Strive to implement environmentally responsible production policies
  4. Give back to two wheeled sports.

We all know that every dollar spent locally goes that much further than one spent online because it gets recycled back into the community. This is known as the multiplier effect because every dollar spent on a local business goes to paying local taxes, hiring local employees & other ways of giving back which in essence help build a stronger community.

At Durango Snack Werks we are committed to keeping our buying purchases as close to our final market as possible. For our initial product line of ‘4Chip Peddler” chips we have been able to secure potato suppliers out of Bakersfield, CA, and Alamosa, CO.

The salt we use is coming from “Real Salt“ in Redmond, UT and the BBQ seasoning will be supplied by “Adobe Milling” out of Dove Creek, CO. Learn more about our ingredients by clicking here.